Foie Gras

Think of between 40 and 60 grams per person. 60 grams is generous, but 40 grams is OK.

Leave the tin or jar of foie gras in the refrigerator, take it out around 30 minutes before you open and serve.

(If it's too cold you lose some of the aroma - if it's too warm it loses some consistency. It's good in every case, but the search for the absolute in gastronomic perfection gives a good excuse to experiment!)

Slice to serve, some say with a knife warmed in hot water. It's good served with hot toast, without butter.

 Wine with foie gras

Normally it is preferred to take white wine with foie gras to accompany the rather delicate taste of the foie gras.

It is delicious with champagne, otherwise white wine that is dry or sweet, fruity or soft, according to your taste. Again, experiment to find the wine that suits your taste!

Of course, the white wine should be cooled.